What Is Dream Nation?


We believe that every individual has unlimited potential, and when people reach, or even come close to achieving what they are capable of, they are able to change their families, communities and eventually the world.

Our mission is to empower a generation to become Practical Dreamers; women and men who take steps to turn their dreams into their reality. We created Dream Nation as a social enterprise to give structure to the movement.


We organise a variety of events ranging from conferences to networking parties, all geared towards achieving our mission. Each event is designed to help strengthen the Practical Dreamer community by creating opportunities to network with like-minded individuals, learn important lessons and of course have fun.

Helping Others

As a social enterprise we place greater importance on our mission than making profits. We realise that many of those who will benefit most from what we have to offer are often those with limited financial resources and little if any access to such opportunities. That is why we use the money we make to provide as many free services to communities that need it the most.

Online Education

The internet has changed so much about modern life, including how we learn. With this in mind we provide interesting and educational content online. Whilst this presently comes in the form of articles, in the near future we aim to include videos, podcasts, virtual book clubs and short courses.


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