Practical Dreamers.

A Practical Dreamer is a person who take steps to turn their dreams into their reality. Our mission is to educate and inspire a generation to become Practical Dreamers.

We believe that every individual has unlimited potential, and when people reach, or even come close to achieving what they are capable of, they are able to change their families, communities and eventually the world to become a better place.

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The Practical Dreamer Movement

We aim to influence culture by introducing and popularising the mindset of ‘Practical Dreaming’. We will know that we’ve accomplished our goal when people all around the world consider themselves to be a Practical Dreamer - even if they've never heard of Dream Nation.

Dream Nation 2014 Conference

We will be hosting our annual conference 'Dream Nation 2014’ on August 28th 2014 in London. The event will feature talks from inspiring individuals, from Olympic athletes to entrepreneurs and many more.

We have designed the event to ensure you will walk away both inspired and equipped with the tools that you need to make your dream your reality.

1 For 1

We created Dream Nation as a social enterprise because we wanted to ensure our messages reached as many people as possible, regardless of their situations.

As a result, we have implemented the ‘1 for 1’ principle. For every major event we organise, we will host a free equivalent for people who would normally be denied the opportunity to attend these types of events. In other words, every ticket purchased for our conference will purchase a ticket for someone across your town or even across the world who would normally be denied the opportunity through lack of financial resource or accessibility.

Our Art Exhibition

"If you're going to create something, make it beautiful."

This is one of the key principles that guides our design choices in every project we undertake. As a result creativity is natural part of everything we do. In the future you can expect to see content on this website in various media formats, from photography to video to audio. The same applies for our events which will feature live poetic and musical performances throughout.


"If your product is perfect when it reaches the market, then you're already too late."

One of the key lessons of practical dreaming is embracing the beauty of imperfection - something that every project will go through at the start. This website as you're viewing it today is far from the final product, but we want you to be apart of the process as we continue to grow, innovate and improve.

So, if you have any feedback or ideas we would love to hear from you. But also make sure you join our mailing to stay updated on new features.